Services For Women & Children!

Intuitive Bodywork: Following intuition as well as guidance from your intake to assess your needs whether physical/physiological, energetic, emotional, mental, or spiritual. Deeply restorative & helps release long held tension using various techniques. 

Therapeutic Massage: Slow, deep pressure manipulations release pain inducing chronic holding patterns to realign postural distortions, restore muscular suppleness and improve range of motion. 

Cupping Therapy: Involves the application of a glass, plastic, or silicone cup that produces negative pressure, or suction instead of the compression typical of most manual therapies. Negative pressure aids in releasing tense, rigid muscles and fascia, drains excess fluid, detoxifies tissues, loosens, lifts, and stretches connective tissue. Cupping brings blood to stagnant areas as well as waste to the surface, pulling toxins and cellular debris from deeper tissues up to the skin where some is discharged through the pores. The rest is now more accessible to the body’s lymphatic and circulatory systems to be eliminated.

Energy Work: Employing stones, bones, crystals, smoke, oracle cards, hands on healing, Reiki, &/or intuition with guided breathwork, silence & deep relaxation induction such as holding still points for clients experiencing stress, illness, pain, past trauma, dis-ease or needing clarity or energy balancing. Actual session times vary based on release.

Sacred Waters Stone Massage: Basalt stones from my travels near and far & Petoskey stones harvested from The Great Lakes infuse this massage with beauty and grounding energy while soothing away tension, inducing a deep state of therapeutic relaxation and producing a unique sense of centeredness & bliss. 

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage: Using warm, hand-carved salt stones from the Himalayan Mountains, this deeply relaxing and remineralizing body massage balances the central nervous system and nourishes depleted cells. Stimulation of specific meridians on the body allow for improved sleep, reduced inflammation and have a harmonizing effect on on body, mind and spirit.

Resilience Coaching: Individualized support, accountability, encouragement & inspiration for clients seeking strategies for responsiveness that lead to lasting changes which are aligned with their identified values to enhance well being, bolster vitality & foster resilience.

Pediatric Massage: (12 & under) Massage helps children throughout the lifespan. Pediatric massage introduces healing & helpful touch for the growing needs of young ones to develop communication with the wisdom of their own bodies. Can help with growing pains, anxiety, restless legs, improve tone & function, and help release tension.



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