Each time I have begun the process of creating healing space to share my affection for human anatomy and the spirit of all whom entrust me in their care, I am reminded of the little dream I had for myself back in my mid twenties. I was a single mama working several odd jobs in the tourist industry that required me to be away from home many evenings and weekends, especially during my favorite times of the year; summer and the holidays. As I surrendered more and more to the pull of purpose, I was also drawn to create an opportunity for me to make a living with a more sustainable schedule that would allow me to be the kind of mama I ached to be all year, and not just in the “off season”. Being self employed was not the easy way, however, and it leant itself to other forms of unsustainability, primarily, stress.
Several moons ago, I took my first paycheck job in more than a decade and found myself laughing at how much “easier” it felt to have a guaranteed income that I wasn’t scrambling every week to provide! I am so grateful for the opportunity of a “real job” now, as it provides a steady income and health insurance. What a concept! This also allows me a particular sense of freedom as I spend part of my time doing massage just for the love of this work. There is no desperation vying for my time and attention to clients. I have already felt this play out in the quality of care given to each person I have seen since beginning again. I am able to invest the time and energy of that original intent, back before I even truly knew what awaited me in this line of work, when I dreamed a little dream of what it might feel like to be a massage therapist.
This new and retrieved-from-memory-joy has invigorated my practice and the depth of the well from which I draw inspiration. Creating a space for the highest good of anyone walking through the doorway, who can leave their troubles and not pick them up on their way out… This is a tall order for anyone, and yet it is the impetus of my intent. Sister, lay your burden down.
If you’re into that sort of thing, Click here for bliss! I’d love to “get my hands on you”!!!

If you’ve had a massage from me lately, you’ve probably heard the newest anthem of my little practice, I’m loving on this song like a dear old friend who gives the best hugs! Enjoy!

Much Love,


*a gorgeous statue I found on recent travels; no artist name provided*


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