Pediatric Massage

here!Massage is for kids!

My son was 5 when I was in school to become a massage therapist. It was great to have a tiny human to practice on as my hands developed endurance and coordination, and his little body was perfect for me to confirm what I was learning in anatomy & physiology. Added bonus? He learned so early to stretch, drink water, listen to his body and also, when to come to me for aches and pains, to help him fall asleep or calm down. It was a gift for us both, for sure.

It taught me just how important therapeutic touch is for all ages. I was fascinated that such small bodies hold all the physical remnants of stress that adults do. Little knots in their shoulder blades, tight hamstrings, ticklish & sore muscles, and shallow breathing all contribute to little bodies that learn early how to run economically, but not always the most effectively, that become grown ups with chronic pain , dysfunctional movement and unchecked stress levels.

Who remembers their own, or has watched their child endure growing pains? The physical act of growing up can really hurt! And let us not underestimate the emotional challenges that children face at an ever increasingly alarming rate in our warped speed modern culture. The impact of social and emotional stress on young developing brains and bodies is no joke.

The most important things we can share with our children are healthy ways to cope with the physical and emotional realities of life. It can be so empowering to learn the tools of self awareness early in life. If you have ever witnessed a child meditate, do yoga, or create personal boundaries to take care of themselves energetically, then you know what I am talking about! It is a rare sight to behold! A healthy diet, a reliance on water, and simple listening to your child can help build confidence and instill self worth, the foundation of self care, in them. And of course, our own example of self care is the most impactful, let’s show them how it’s done! Massages for the whole family begin here!!!

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If you’re finding that you can use support or your child might respond well, consider what is perhaps most important to you as a parent is also the most researched; massage therapy in children stimulates cognitive & motor development & provides stress and anxiety relief. See below the areas benefited by pediatric massage include:

  • Body: It improves circulation and skin nutrition, stimulates growth, offers passive exercise; reducing atrophy of muscles and easing aches and pains, increases flexibility and function of muscles and joints.
  • Mind: It supports and increases thinking and verbal skills.
  • Emotions: It helps children relax and learn to calm themselves and be better able to manage stress. Helps relieve depression and anxiety.
  • Social: It can increase speech and language skills and help to build trust, friendship and respect.

My practice has been committed to and specialized in the care of women and children since 2001, which is where I focused my studies in my master’s program in school and have continued ever since. Now more than ever I feel a passion for pediatric massage and the importance of building strong connections between their health and overall well being. If you’re interested in massage for your child(ren), please know a few things:

  1. You are always welcome in the room with them during their session.
  2. Depending on their size and need, I offer 15, 30 or 60 minute sessions for children.
  3. Pediatric massage is for ages 2-18.
  4. I am willing and able to work in cooperation with other helpers (medical, psychological, occupational therapies).

If you’re interested in learning more or have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! You can call me @ 231.632.4747 or email or simply book here!



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