Super Soul Summer Saturday’s 

This winter I spent 8 weekends taking over the bedrooms, living rooms and offices of women and transforming these spaces, for a day, into an oasis of relaxation and good vibes.  

Their tribes would gather together for food, fun and a little “me” time. I would bring all the accoutrements for a day of pampering; my table, sheets, music, and even my Goddess cards for a reading during a half hour or 60 minute session.
With summer upon us, I’ve decided to offer this again for the visiting family members and summertime friends to take advantage of.
You pick a date, your invitees and make a schedule– giving me 15 minutes between each session– no more and no less– I take care of everything else! 
Time together, and relaxing– a great way to spend a Saturday. Text or email me if you want in on this one of a kind gathering. 
30 minute sessions: $35

60 minute sessions: $65
In addition to a heavenly treatment, each gal will receive a small gift aimed at extending relaxation after the session ends!
Graduation–reunion– off to new adventures– rejuvenation time–you name it, this is a truly happy way to spend time together!

Pass it on!!!


With profound devotion,



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