Happy summer! Make it great!

Need any inspiration for summer self care? Heres a list of ways you can carve out a little you time

1. Grab a good book and a quilt, and read under a tree.

2. Go hiking – make sure you stop and enjoy the scenery and fresh air!

3. Go to the beach! All that vitamin D and cleansing, purifying water is good for you the sound of water while relaxing is great!

4. Find a river or creek, and meditate, take a nap, dip your feet in, or do whatever feels right for you.

5. Give yourself a foot soak with epsom salt and lavender essential oils (or real lavender!). Not only will it make your feet uber soft, but it helps draw toxins out of your body.

6. Attend a yoga class! My sister Jessica is a brilliant teacher! Find a class here: http://annamallien.wix.com/wellnessarts#!schedule/c1wr6

7. Go to the park, lay in the grass, and find shapes and animals in the clouds.

8. Take time to journal – it can be a bullet list, a regular writing journal, or even a sketch or collage book.

9. Make yourself a frozen smoothie from fresh fruit – healthy and refreshing!

10. Unplug for a day – Facebook, television…everything but the radio, because great music makes for great vibrational energy!

11. Hang your sheets on the clothesline to dry! They will smell so good!

12. Meditate outside! It’s easier to connect with earth when you’re actually planted on it, and you can always use a guided meditation via headphones to help.

13. Create yourself some beautiful physical space – clear out your bedroom, create an altar, make yourself a little reading nook, etc.

14. Visit a museum, attend a concert – get out and do something you think is fun – alone! I LOVE perusing art at Galleries and greenhouses by myself.

15. Try something new! Take a surfing lesson, or knitting lessons, or go hike that path you’ve been meaning to try.

16. Go out for an ice cream (or yogurt) cone. What summer is complete without one?

17. Start a gratitude list/journal, and add at least one thing to it every day. By the end of the summer, you will have a whole list of things for which you were grateful!

18. Wake up early and watch a sunrise – find a great view if you have one close by

19. Paint something – watercolor, acrylics, or even finger painting! Finger painting is a fun way to let loose. If you don’t feel like painting, you can always color!

20. Go outside and star-gaze – especially during the Delta Aquariid meteor shower on July 28th and the Perseid meteor shower on August 12th.

21. Pick a color that makes you happy and add more of it to your surroundings (and wardrobe!)

22. Write out a personal manifesto for the summer, or for the remainder of the year

23. Is it a rainy day? Open the doors and windows, and turn on some music – there are amazing rainy day playlists on Spotify and YouTube

24. Drink more water, and add fresh fruit to it.

25. Get a massaged from me! 


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