Tidings of Comfort & Joy

Although Christmas has changed alot these last 2 years, the holiday season is in full swing here at the Grow Benzie Studio House & Community Resource Center. The executive director (aka my husband) loves Christmas music more than anyone else I know & he has it on from the minute we come in each morning until bedtime at home. Lately I’ve been placing “Home for the Holidays”– an essential oil blend (from Creation Pharm) in my diffuser and making us copious cups of tea from Light of Day Tea Farm with a little honey from the honey pro’s. The tastes, smells and sounds combined with the wind and snow in all directions out the windows set us up for feeling an extra warm and cozy glow all the live long day.

Last week I got my  winter’s supply of pure beeswax candles from Sharon at Beedazzled, my client greeting cards at Gwen Frostic’s, and some shopping done at Crystal Lake Alpaca Farm Store. This week I hope to finish up with my list at The Market BasketPosh Beauty BarStormcloudThe Bookstore & Beyond Salon while sipping on a spicy chai latte from my favorite coffee shop, (who, by the way, host a FREE community brunch on Christmas Morning if you need a meal or good company or want to serve those who do!). Which local businesses do you shop for gifts?A few of my favorite littles will get some Shine On Gear, benefiting The Isaac Julian Legacy Foundation and we also like to make charitable contributions as gifts, now in honor of our beloved Isaac,to: Gift of Life MichiganIPRSEEDSOTG, Third Level, To(get)her Rising and this relevant and hopeful agency. This year I became an official member of Grow Benzie, but will make another donation to their end of year fund raising efforts and our family is excited and looking forward to supporting the development of Frankfort’s Lockhart Field project. Last but not least, our friends at Standing Rock are still accepting donations on behalf of the Water Protectors who continue to protest the pipeline. I am so grateful to all those who purchased gift certificates from me during my Thanksgiving appeal! I’d love to hear where your family gives!

Over Christmas break, I hope to take my niece, nephew, and friends visiting from NYC for a treat at Crescent Bakery after sledding down Hefron Hill, and then meet the grown ups at Stormcloud or The Mayfair for good eats and cheer. How/ where will you gather with loved ones?

I’ll still be spending some time in the studio over the holidays, with limited hours each afternoon (until full & going quick!) so you can be sure to make time for self care to replenish your energy reserves during this season of extroversion & giving! And if you want to give the gift of health and peace…. by all means, consider (a) massage session(s)!

I hope you make wise & earnest investments however you spend your time and your money–and may love and joy come to you and yours wherever you are, in this season of light. This Wednesday, on Winter Solstice, I will be burning a candle in deep gratitude all day long for the blessings of love from here to the great beyond, from my heart to yours. If you’re new to celebrating solstice, you can find some great introductory ideas here.

In  Lak’ech Ala K’in–


(“YOU ARE ANOTHER ME” or “I AM ANOTHER YOU”. The traditional Mayan interpretation simply means “I am you. You are me.”)




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