All for One and One for All!

It feels good to be back to work as a massage therapist. Everyday that I get to go to my sweet little spot at Grow Benzie I give thanks! I am grateful for the space and I am grateful for the clients booking appointments. I am grateful that I am able to return to this beautiful work after a long reprieve and pick it up like no time has passed. I am grateful for the depth of care and compassion available to me that has been added to my work from my own healing. I am grateful that I have a trade that brings so much to my own life experience and that others find value in as well. I am grateful that I can be self employed in a profession that is so needed at this time on the planet, when the need to unwind and reboot is so essential to being well. I am grateful that this work speaks for itself. I am grateful that many place their faith in me to help them. What an incredible blessing!
I truly feel the importance of this work. I am passionately committed to helping others understand that it is not simply a luxury for the lucky. It is not all “foo foo lala” as my Eastern European professor called it, referring to why massage matters. Massage therapy is so much more than an hour of bliss. I want everyone in my community to understand this. I want everyone in my community to experience regular massage for themselves, to see the difference it makes in body and spirit. While I am grateful for the income it provides me, I do not do it only for the money and I do not set the standard fee of this industry. One of the reasons I decided to offer a sliding fee scale was because I wanted everyone to feel as though they could have affordable access to it. I find that people are reluctant to ask for this though. And so, I have decided to make a change. I don’t want anyone to ever feel like I am the Walmart of massage therapy. I am not scurrying to find clients or pay high rent. I am actually back to this work because I love it and I want people to feel it is something they can do and afford to do for themselves. I am grateful for an affordable space and so I’ve decided to pass on the savings to everyone by offering 60 minute massages for $50 for as long as I have this affordable rent. That is atleast $15 less than the average, and quite a bit less than you’d pay at a spa or a massage center. That is for everyone. I hope this is the encouragement you need to make massage therapy a pet of your life and to let me help you achieve your goals for well being. I’m not discounting my other services, but I am happy to make a one hour massage something that I truly believe most Benzie county residents could afford once per month. I don’t think that is naive; I do think we all make some sacrifices for what we value. And if you value feeling better, I hope you will consider massage therapy as a way to help that. I’m also always open to discussing barters, I have always and will continue to consider what we might be able to create together that is mutually beneficial. If you are in the fence, come have a try.
I am also feeling like I want to have a monthly drawing for one person to receive a “free” massage. There are so many super heroes in our community! So, in light of this, I am asking you to email your nominee for June’s giveaway. Tell me why your nominee deserves or needs a one hour massage. I will select one winner and send them a gift certificate FROM YOU. Email me their story as well as their address and yours. If your winner is selected, then you too will receive something special in the mail from me! You are welcome to nominate yourself, too! I will read each entry and select the one that pulls at my heart strings the strongest! I will pick the winner on June first and notify them right away so that they have the rest of the month to schedule their massage. The only caveat is that the session must occur within the month it was awarded. Feel free to pass this on! And email me at
I hope that you will make an appointment soon for yourself. Every Body deserves massage.
You can book your appointment by clicking here:
Much Love!



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