The Road to Health…

Road construction on M-115 right now means some waiting time… I try to remember to use these pauses to check in with myself; take some deep breaths, sip some water, check that my mascara isn’t streaming down my cheek, and if Moonshine is with me, tell her what a good girl she is and scratch her ears. When its a longer wait, I will even let myself go into a short meditation; opening my eyes just slightly every few seconds to see if we are moving. I wave and smile at the workers and try to send them lovebeams because I bet they get a lot of negative energy directed at them for the “inconvenience” they represent. Just a small quiet blessing can go a long way, atleast to keeping my own stress lower. If I can avoid it, by all means possible I find an alternative route!
What I do not do is fret or complain about being late or how long I’ll be waiting. (And I TRY to schedule appointments with A LITTLE flex time…) Because I know that in the big picture of life, this is minor, and because I have started paying attention to my heart as an organ and muscle & in general, to my body as a machine that has been running for almost 40 years (!). Stress wears it down. It isn’t worth it!
A friend recently teased me about my choice to move my office during this summer long road project as “not well thought through”. But I see it differently. Don’t get me wrong, road work slows us all down. But I think there’s an opportunity here, now, before and after a massage to just check in with yourself and not rush back into the world, into the stress, back into the endless “to-do”. Perhaps it’s perspective– but life is full of road blocks, one lane closures and reduced speed for safety zones. Opportunities to get quiet, just listen and pay close attention to that beating heart, to the small voice within are a gift, if you choose to see them as such, which I do because it makes me happier– and I enjoy happiness. 😉
Road work is really not a big deal (to me). I hope you don’t let it hold you back from coming in for a massage, though I recommend giving yourself extra time. If you arrive early I’ve got a comfy couch, tea and books waiting for you while you wait for me! You can schedule your appointment by clicking here!  (I do offer outcalls in your home/office/cottage for $75/hr, but these must be scheduled through a phone call 231.632.4747 not thru the link).
Massage invites us into a somatic (body) conversation– the body gets to say “thanks for listening, I’ve got a lot to say to you!”. Road construction to and from your appointment might just be what allows that information to linger. I challenge you to embrace it!
With Profound Devotion,



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