Wellness Brigade

Yesterday, atop a hill overlooking Bear Lake and a sliver of The Big Lake, my friend and fellow LMT, Nicole, and I set up shop for a women’s wellness evening.

Six wise women gathered together for time together taking care of each other and their precious selves. They made delicious, home grown food, gave each other foot baths and allowed Nicole and I to give them each an hour of blissful massage. They listened deeply to one another and cultivated their friendships, they laughed and cried, and they made space to connect to their bodies and hearts.

These wellness gatherings are my favorite way of “doing business” and are also my oldest form of it. Back in Salt Lake City, Utah, after completing my studies to become a bodyworker, I asked a friend to ask her girlfriends to have a massage party. At the time, I needed gas money to drive across country with my son, to return home for my first job in my new career. Eight women showed up that night for my new skills to be put to the test. I had never done that many in a day at that point, but I found the collective enthusiasm of all the women to keep me energized, and a seed was planted.

When women gather together to take care of themselves, a potent force comes to life. Connections and commitments to well being are borne, partners in accountability are forged, and relaxation of mind and body allow a rootedness to settle into the sacred space. Making time with your sisters or daughters or girlfriends or female coworkers helps you drop back into your daily life with new awareness of the importance for self care, which includes time with our tribes.

Life stays busy unless you set an intention to slow it down a little bit here and there. Taking time to listen to your body and your spirit, checking in with your self and your sisters or sistas, sends you back into the spinning world with a reinvestment into the well from which you draw your resiliency.

If you would like to gather your women for a day of reconnecting, I encourage you to contact me and let me help you plan an afternoon or evening of bliss and togetherness. With as few as two participants and as many as 10, I can customize a mini retreat in your home, office or cottage, with 1 or 2 massage therapists.

Your body and soul and your sisterhood will thank you!

With Profound Devotion to Your Well Being,

Christina Ryan-Stoltz, LMT




One thought on “Wellness Brigade

  1. It was a rare and wonderful treat to spend such quality time with friends near and dear. And the massage itself–I didn’t realize how much I needed it until I was on the table. It was both energizing and relaxing. We should make it an annual thing! Thank you so much, Christina and Nicole. And to Audrie Brown for thinking it up!


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