Say yes to you!

I’m leaning into my 15th year as a massage therapist! Though it took me until I was 25 to discover my passion, I feel fortunate that I found something that has kept my attention and challenged me to grow personally and professionally, and has helped countless bodies feel better.
How people feel is my business!
I’ve worked on babies, dogs, toddlers and teenagers, worn out moms, weekend warriors, the elderly, the dying, and the health nut. I’m proud that many massage therapists consider me theirs. Mamas to be and mamas that just did, golfers, construction workers, desk jobbers, students, professional athletes, those who are injured and those who are looking to put themselves on their “to do” lists. Neighbors, friends, family, vacationers, CEO’s, military service men and women, veterans, retirees, writers, artists, teachers…
To celebrate my years in service and to celebrate all my wonderful clients who have enriched my life, helped me feed and clothe my child, and given me a purpose and a mission, I am extending an invitation to join my year long celebration of my 15th anniversary as a massage therapist!
Sign up for one massage a month for 6 or 12 months and lock in my price of just $50 per hour. (That’s a savings of $15! You can come more than once a month for the same price!) Offer is good for sessions in my studio at Grow Benzie’s studio house. I’ve got a variety of hours available in hopes to fit everyone’s schedule with some mornings, some evenings and half a day on most Saturday’s! You can opt to schedule yours the same day and time every month if you plan in advance!
Please consider joining, returning, or maintaining client status in my practice! Bonus incentives for clients include: a new monthly newsletter starting mid September, discounts on gift certificates, and the opportunity to feel better by investing in your health and well being!
You can email me @

Text or call me at 231.632.4747

OR book online using this linkĀ RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!!!
End of summer is a great time to refocus on self care! Your body and soul will thank you!
With Profound Devotion

to Your Well Being,



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