I want to be YOUR massage therapist!

Frequently I hear people say they allow themselves a massage once or twice a year as a treat, a luxury. It feels good they say, but had never considered it a part of their health maintenance or regular self care. I’m excited to tell– and show–them how regular massage therapy increases their quality of life. I’m excited when people learn that the value of massage extends far beyond a yearly pampering, that massage can decrease chronic pain, increase flexibility, improve quality of life, decrease anxiety…but do you know how or why a regular session of massage therapy helps so much? Did you know that massage is considered lipophilic, meaning it can dissolve toxic (aka, detox) fat-like substances in the subcutaneous tissues? Did you know that the various hand techniques of therapeutic massage can;

  • stimulate both arterial and lymphatic circulation
  • activate the healing response within the cell walls
  • prevent dehydration of the skin
  • promote balance of central nervous system and alleviate stress, fatigue and insomnia
  • nourish skin and all organ systems
  • stimulate production of antibodies
  • strengthen electromagnetic field and immune system
  • promote good vision
  • increase longevity and reverse the aging process.

Massage rocks! Seriously. It can be so easy to take for granted the wonder and ingenuity of our bodies. They are brilliantly designed to work efficiently, almost imperceptibly–and are built for endurance. But they need support! And massage is a superb ally to help the body run better, recharge, restore, regenerate, renew and to create a personal ritual of self care. 

Many people take better care of their automobiles and homes than their own bodies! I’d like to help change that. I’m proposing once monthly massages for residents of Benzie county! For $50 a month, you can be a part of my experiment to increase the health, happiness and love vibration of our little corner of the world.

To join the massage a month club, which saves you $15 on each session, sign up for your first session online (or call, text or email): RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!

You will fill out an initial health questionnaire and then each month a brief check in. You will also receive a newsletter with tips and life hacks as well as qualify for member only discounts on hand made skin care products, gift certificates and wellness classes starting soon.

So please, join my practice! And refer your friends! Each time someone new schedules a massage from your referral, you will receive $5 in credit which you can bank to purchase a full session or use to decrease the cost of your next one! Referrals are good for anyone! You don’t have to be a member, or even a current client to participate in my referral program– just make sure you tell your referral to mention your name when signing up for their first session!
Also! On select weekends this autumn, I will be hosting girls days in the studio house at Grow Benzie! I will have healthy snacks, foot baths, and of course, massages! If you’re not ready to sign up for the massage a month club, consider gathering with a group of your girlfriends for a weekend day, being well, together. Please email or text me for more details on this very special offer! 231.632.4747 or christinaryanstoltz@gmail.com

Lastly– did you know you can hire me to bring seated/chair massage to your office, event, gathering? This is a fully clothed option, great for team building or a bonus for valued customers. Get creative! $1 per minute up to 4 hours. This is a great way to add a little incentive to a work project, begin a company health kick, celebrate a baby shower, cheer on team momentum during the sports season! It can be employee or employer paid and is a thoughtful way to just say thank you…call me for details!

Here’s to living well–



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