Consider Yourself.

After my 5th cup of tea today, I’m ready to proclaim this as the best Saturday ever…

I’m well stocked from my trip to the library, have a fresh–still warm– loaf of French peasant bread, and a tea kettle that hasn’t had a rest yet, plus, my trusty canine companion keeping my toes toasty. Perfection.

Earlier today I whipped up a batch of tumeric paste (learn what I use it for HERE), harvested some herbs from my gardens, and made a list of more yummy oils and tinctures I’m looking forward to making, and sharing, with my clients! (I make all my own oil blends used in massages; I infuse with herbs, add essential oils, and blend combinations of carrier oils for the most nutrient dense and luxurious skin food!).

While it’s nice to have the day to do as I please, this morning I said to my husband “I kinda wish I were working today”. Who says that!?!? (I AM passionate about my work!). But seriously, Saturdays are actually one of my favorite days to give massages! The energy and pace feels different. I dare say there’s a little magic on weekends that just isn’t there the rest of the week. (Of course there’s no bad day for a massage, amen?!?!) But, who doesn’t love a weekend massage?

My space inside Grow Benzie’s studio house includes a cozy lounge area with a couch, chairs, lamplight, and ample reading supplies. I’ve also got a full kitchen and a well stocked assortment of teas. Consider grabbing a friend or two, (or 4!) and selecting a date for a little self care Saturday ( Calendar HERE). I’ll have tea and soup and supplies for foot soaks and even an exfoliating sea salt scrub or pumpkin enzyme mask. You can catch up with your friends, or on your reading, or even on your sleep, beckoned by that soft couch and Saturdays invitation to exhale, while you wait for your turn on the plush and heated massage table. You can even bring your own champagne for mimosas, if you’re inspired. Just come, spend Saturday with me.

Also, I’m so excited that the members keep signing up–but there’s room for more!  Puh-leeze don’t miss YOUR limited opportunity to join my Massage-a-Month Club and FEEL BETTER. Regular massage sessions are your ticket to improved well being– in body mind and spirit!


Cheers to your Saturday and happy harvest moon!

With Profound Devotion to Your Well Being,

christina 💛




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