How to Be

Dear hearts~
I’ve been threatening to share this information with several of you for awhile now, and meaning to share it with the rest of you, too. And now I am finally following through! Yay, us!
I cannot recommend a yoga practice, enough, to anyone wanting to live more fully & intentionally in their body, to embody. For anyone wanting to heal their heart. For anyone wanting to feel good in body and mind and spirit (and heart).  If I could write a prescription for all beings, but especially my beloved clients, it would be:
  1.  Take your weight. Divide it in 2. Use that number to determine your water intake, in ounces. example: 100 pounds, divided by 2 equals 50. So 50 ounces of water per day. Everyday.
  2.  A massage every month, minimum. More if you can afford it. (my own Massage-A-Month-Club can help with that!)
  3.  Yoga ATLEAST once a week, ideally 2-3x
  4.  30 minute gratitude walk everyday.
  5.  Deep Belly Breathing throughout the day
  6. LOVE yourself unequivocally (!!!) (if you only do one of these, let it be this! followed closely by #1 on this list!)
I believe EVERYTHING in life can be resolved with this formula. It might seem bold OR simple & naive, but these hold the key to powerful change on a cellular & energetic level, which, by no coincidence is where all dis-ease and suffering, originate.These powerful allies can help change your mind, your body, your spirit.
Our beautiful lake & landscape inspires, encourage & invites many seekers & healers to our area, so we are quite lucky to have an abundance of high quality teachers and helpers right here on our path. Today, Im naming 2 of my favorites, Karen & Jessica, which includes info about their awesome offerings!
Karen is a powerful teacher~she taught classes at The Center, (my sister Jenn & my former wellness center, if youre new to my practice). If you’re looking for a Thursday evening class with another amazing woman, here’s your chance! I’m stoked she will be at Grow Benzie in the community center!
Karen Storms-Rohm
Mondays (starts November 7th)
10am – 11:15am
Onekama Church of the Brethren (use the basement entrance)
GENTLE AND THERAPEUTIC  The pace of this class will be slow and gentle to accommodate students of varying degree of disability. Chairs will be used to assist in poses and alternative poses will be given for those comfortable with getting up and down from the floor. A great class for anyone dealing with injury or other health concerns.
Thursdays (starts December 1)
5:30pm – 7pm
GROW BENZIE, 5885 M-115, Benzonia
A 90 minute class that mixes stationary and fluid movements, instructional breath technique, attention to alignment principles, and guided meditation in an intelligent sequence to achieve a therapeutic and fortifying experience for the body and mind. All levels welcome.
Saturdays, 10:30am – noon, at PVCC in Arcadia is still going too!
All classes are Women only. This allows us to focus on the transformational process of the female body and mind in a safe, supportive, and uninhibited environment. Students are encouraged to share their therapeutic needs with the teacher so that we can explore Yoga as a healing modality.
Price variations are dependent on the needs of the hosting space. All of our hosts are organizations committed to community service so you can feel good about your contributions. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.
Jessica Ryan (my sister, yes, but also an incredibly gifted, present, and devoted teacher)
Jessica & my daddy-O have spent the summer building a beautiful yoga studio in Jessica’s back yard. Soon, it will open! For now, her classes are held at the Oliver Arts Center. Her schedule will change once the studio is complete.

Current Yoga Schedule

9:30am Meditation
10:30am Integrative Yoga

5:30pm  Free Teen Class (@ high school)
7:30 Yoga Basics

7:30am Morning Flow

7:30pm VinYin

7:30am Morning Flow

Class Prices:
Single Class $15
5 Class Card $70
10 Class Card $130

***you must to call/text her at 231-620-3529 to register for class at least 2 hours prior to the class you want to attend or by 10pm the night prior, for classes that begin before 8am. Drop-in students are welcomed only if space allows AND there are others registered for class. If no one registers, class will not be held.***

With Profound Devotion to Your Highest Good,

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