The Way of The Woo~


What on Earth is Crystal Healing?

Crystal Healing works through the interaction of beneficial properties inherent to various stones found in the earth and the body’s subtle energy systems. To work with crystals it is important to understand that while all humans are biologically similar, how we suffer & how we heal can be very unique from one to the next person. Where crystal healing shines (pun intended) can be on the unseen (sometimes called the emotional body) energetic levels of animals, which is also where stress resides and also where it is believed that dis-ease originates. Regular healing with crystals can help clear stress AND prevent it from accumulating. If we can stop stress from accumulating, we can begin to focus on fundamental, long term imbalances. This is done through crystal layouts, chosen for specific healing in mind or with breathwork and guided meditation, focusing on the direct experience of grounding the body’s electro magnetic field AND visualizing healing in the energy pathways surrounding/encapsulating the body.

Millennia ago, crystals were used in ritual and had valuable significance to our ancestors and today they continue to be sought out for healing with those who resonate with the perception of healing in a sense oriented way. Unlike modern medical treatments, these techniques have no obvious scientific rationale or data and the use of gemstones and crystals has always straddled the fence between science and magic, “out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing”. Though it is wise to proceed with cautious skepticism, never underestimate the potential for deep healing. I was a skeptical novice for many years, but over the last several, have found a deeper connection & calling to embrace what my tribe and I call “The Way of The Woo”, and I’ve been rewarded with growth of my intuition and trust in my own connection to the earth & to other living things.

I employ stones, bones, crystals & essential oils/aromatherapy with guided breathwork, deep relaxation techniques such as still points & s-i-l-e-n-c-e for clients experiencing stress, illness, past trauma, dis-ease or needing clarity. As each recipient is different, some clients have an on table experience of emotional release (crying or laughing), changes in breath patterns, and sensations of light flickering or tingling, while others find they sleep hard after a session or have a strong increase in vibrancy, while still others have very subtle if not imperceptible signs that the session did anything at all. I never see this as a failure on their end or on mine, but simply an indication of the intrinsic work being done on the unseen layers, everyone of us receives/downloads energetic information differently, and even someone who experiences one session one way, one day, may have an entirely different experience at a different time with the same practitioner!

What I consistently hear from clients who use this as a tool for healing or relaxation is that they feel deeply rested and rejuvenated from the inside out. Pets, children and the elderly love it, if that tells you anything! And Spring is a great time to clear away the cobwebs after the long winter’s reflection, ensuring that stagnation has no chance to settle in.

Speaking of Spring, many of you are heading off to sunny adventures. Enjoy yourselves and remember to keep hydrated; a good rule of thumb I always encourage is half your weight, in ounces; if you weight 150 pounds, that means you should daily consume 75 ounces of good clean H2O, and more if you use caffeine or alcohol.


Last but certainly not least, I am truly & deeply grateful I get to do work that I love, that I get to work with such beautiful souls, that I get to be a part of what makes you feel better. Thank you, one and all! Please, always, let me know if you ever have concerns or requests or needs that I can improve upon. I welcome your insights with open arms. I am grateful also when you “share me” with your friends, family, colleagues. and it is an honor and one of the highest compliments of my work when you buy a gift of bodywork from me for someone you honor.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


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