“Tis the Season…”

“Let’s stop the glorification of busy”

–M. Ramos

IMG_6010 (1)I can relate to spring’s reticence and long, lazy wake up. This last winter was a good time to cozy up under the covers and turn inward. I often feel the season’s are a reflection of just where I find myself– and this year I notice I am not quite ready for the pace that comes as summer approaches. So I feel a genuine connection to spring’s long goodbye to winter. (But oh so grateful that she has compromised with more sunshine!!!)

As the pace speeds up, I truly want you to know that I am committed to keeping your sessions abundantly worth the pause in the frantic and fleeting season ahead of us. My hope is that you will continue to honor the call of your body and/or spirit that lead you to me to begin with. Believe me when I tell you that I understand how self care can get set aside, but as I embrace my own self care rituals like promises I’ve made and intend to keep, I continue to be rewarded with a body that loves me and that communicates with me what it needs. This is precious to me.

As you may notice from perusing my online schedule, I tend to change my hours to reflect the needs & patterns of my clients. I aim to balance my availability to accommodate a variety of client schedule needs, however, if you are ever having trouble finding what you need, please let me know and if I am able to work with you to find a better session time, I will try! What you may also notice is that planning ahead ensures you the best chance at getting what you want. My intention is to always ensure that I have room for all current clients as well as my returning snowbirds and new faces and gift certificate recipients. Leaning into summer, I am looking to strike a balance between my own self care (which includes enjoying this beautiful county!) and serving each of you with individualized, intentional & integral care.

Let’s work together to cultivate the goodness happening here at the studio so you can FEEL BETTER in each session, in each season, no matter how busy, remembering that slowing down and dropping in and connecting with our body mind & spirit allows us to restore and refuel. In other words, put yourself at the top of that “to do” list!

Thank you for the privilege of being YOUR partner in self care.

With Deep Affection,


P.S. Don’t forget, if you are a member of the Massage-a-Month Club you can purchase gift certificates for Mother’s Day at your price point!

P.S.2: Be sure to schedule yourself for May if you haven’t already!


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